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About Us

         Diane Baek Principal

DSB Property Management is unlike an estate agency whose core business is selling homes, our core business is 'property management' - nothing more. Do you have an investment property? can you log into the agencies software and view details of your property 24/7, do you receive detailed quarterly inspections with photos? Do you receive phone calls, newsletters? If your investment property is empty, does your current agency hold viewings 7 days a week? We are a Real Estate Agency, we are governed by the same laws, we only deal in rentals. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

DSB Property Management is a 100% property management company. 

Something that is not mixed with any other form of sales business and is without any unnecessary elements. The absence of these elements among existing real estate agencies has been one of the key reasons behind the creation of DSB Property Management.

We believe that your investment property deserves the expertise of a specialist property management agency and when the time comes to sell your property, if required, we will happily refer you to a suitable sales expert. 

After a number of years of working for some exceptional and some not so exceptional real estate companies, I elected to open a specialist property management business, and to call it DSB Property Management, which is based in Hervey Bay and will service the greater Wide Bay area.

A significant shortfall exists in service levels across the current property management industry. This lack of service is predominantly driven by sales based practices, which underpin the existence of many successful real estate companies. All too often, property management departments are treated as ‘babysitting’ clubs, which provide the source of future sales listings.

Consequently, I’m creating a company that puts the leasing and management of properties as its ‘sole’ focus. I fully understand that many property owners have existing relationships with established realtors and in some instances, with the property management staff. In short why have DSB Property Management as your property managers? because as a property investor and a property manager, I see every property through the eyes of an investor. 

In December 2014, after careful consideration and analysis of  what I had seen happen in the last few years as a Property Manager in the bay area, I saw significant merit to create DSB Property Management.

I aim to be highly respected and successful agency with a reputation for honesty, integrity, innovation and results.

DSB Property Management understands that property management is not Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 and for that reason, we are 24/7 for tenants and landlords alike. We conduct viewing on vacant properties from 6.30am till 7pm later by appointment, 7 days a week. We do not make bookings or have set times to show properties, we have someone ready to show a property when it suits the prospective tenant.